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Many different elements go into a properly designed wardrobe — be it a professional one or a capsule wardrobe. In both instances, there is a need to have articles that serve multiple purposes.

Yet this need doesn’t preclude splurges. Frankly, there will always be some items worth spending extra money on — especially if they complete a look and will last the wearer for many years to come. It’s important to remember that in the world of fashion, you get what you pay for. So for those looking for higher quality items, they should expect to spend a little bit more.

Most people tend to picture accessories when they think of significant wardrobe splurges — purses, shoes, and jewelry. However, there are many other options worth considering along the way.


Now, before we begin — it’s beneficial to remember that not every article of clothing needs to be an extravagant expense. One can splurge on a few shirts without having to match in price and quality across the entire wardrobe.

In other words — it’s okay to go out and choose a few more expensive shirts to fill out one’s wardrobe. Shirts are a staple, but they can also be a fashion statement. When looking for more costly shirts to purchase, keep an eye on the material. One hundred percent cotton, silk, and linen all last longer — while looking good. Additionally, a lovely cashmere sweater is always going to be in fashion.

As with any other wardrobe detail, it’s critical to ensure that the shirt purchased fits the wearer and their aesthetic. If the clothes are too loose, hire a tailor to adjust the shirts accordingly.


A blazer is another worthwhile splurge , especially for those looking for an article that can easily class up any outfit. Blazers come in countless colors and styles, and so they can easily be adjusted to match any color palette or preference.

It is essential to consider quality, material, and cut when shopping for a new blazer, as with shirt shopping. Colors should also come into play, as a blazer in a bold color will make a drastically different statement than a black blazer.

Black Pants

Everyone should own at least one pair of fashionable black pants. These pants should look nice while being multipurpose. One never knows when they’re going to get called in for a professional interview or formal function.

When choosing a pair of black pants, it is critical to watch out for quality. It is best to buy a pair that will last through the years. Ideally, one should also consider the different cuts available — flare, boot fit, etc.

Remember! These pants are a staple in any professional wardrobe. As such, it is critical to take good care of them. Follow all the care instructions on the label, keep them neatly folded, and avoid abusing them as much as possible.


Outerwear is a category that should never be forgotten — all wardrobes need them, especially a well-equipped one. More importantly, any decent wardrobe should allow a bit more spending money on outerwear.

Unfortunately, coats aren’t cheap. The higher quality ones can run shoppers a pretty penny. Fortunately, they can last through the years, especially for those careful shoppers that go for a classic look. Coats such as leather jackets and puffers will always be fashionable and will have the added benefit of keeping the wearer nice and warm.


Shoes are arguably one of the most common splurges around. There’s a reason for the stereotype of a person having so many shoes. Finding a few good pairs of shoes can be difficult, but if you’re willing to splurge, it is certainly possible.

When shopping for splurge-worthy shoes, it’s essential to look for shoes outside of current fashion trends. In other words, don’t go spending a fortune on shoes that will be out of style next season. You’re not looking for fast fashion — but lasting fashion. As with many other articles of clothing, with shoes, you do get what you pay for. Sticking with name brands will ensure higher quality.

Shoppers should have a general goal in mind when looking for shoes. And don’t forget — different shoes are appropriate for different scenarios and weather conditions. It couldn’t hurt to have a comfortable pair of office shoes (that still look professional), a pair of pumps, alongside a pair of boots. Find a designer that you like and start looking through their catalog .


Purses are, without a doubt, fashion icons. Purses are also where branding tends to come into play the most. So if purses are something you want to splurge on, be prepared and budget ahead of time.

On the bright side, expensive purses are known to last forever — especially when one goes for a timeless handbag from a trustworthy brand. When shopping for bags, the options are endless. One can go for a sleek piece to match any wardrobe — or they can hunt for a statement piece.

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