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Mechellet Armelin
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If you don’t have experience or a love of fashion, style, or branding, the task of developing a professional image can be intimidating. Luckily, image consultants can help you achieve the perfect image to emulate. Image consultants are tasked with helping an individual or company improve its public image. There used to be a time when image consultants worked exclusively for the elite — executives, Hollywood stars, etc. Those days are long past, but that lingering impression remains.

Image consultants are a significant advantage, both on a personal and corporate level. Consultants can help improve unique style — that is to say, increase the way a person dresses. This helps to create strong first impressions, generate confidence, and even produce more job opportunities.

Curating a Wardrobe

For many, wardrobe and accessories may seem trivial, at least in comparison to running a business. But they have a dramatic effect on how a person is perceived. By hiring an image consultant, anyone can take control of their image.

An image consultant will use their expertise to cultivate a wardrobe . One that is tailored to both the client — and the appearance they want to give off. This includes choosing the appropriate attire for their client’s build, expectations, and budget.

Creating a Plan

An image consultant can and will create a plan . They will design an entire wardrobe for their clients, from top to bottom. Gone are the days where an outfit has to be painstakingly thought out the morning of. A consultant will take care of all of that, creating plans and rules to simplify the process.

Gaining Confidence

A successful image consultant leaves their client feeling confident in their image and appearance. There’s a saying that everyone should dress for the job they want instead of the one they have. It’s up to the image consultant to help make that aspect a reality.

With it comes a sense of confidence. There is a certain level of confidence that comes from knowing that their appearance matches their goals. It can make a person feel more in control. This has been proven by research. According to Muse , people who dress more formally (regardless of their career path) tend to gain higher abstract thinking.

Time Saving

One significant benefit that comes with hiring an image consultant is the amount of time they can save. An image consultant helps streamline the entire process of designing, choosing, and preparing a wardrobe.

They assist with the shopping (as mentioned above, the choices will be the ideal fit for the client), line up outfit combinations, and help to generate lasting rules to reduce time spent planning daily. Additionally, image consultants can cut the time down on planning for special occasions, as they will do all of the work and planning.

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Mechellet Armelin

Mechellet Armelin is an Image Coach and Lifestyle Manager in Los Angeles, CA operating Image Consultant Excellence (ICE), her business.